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Raad van Beheer

Mailing breeders starts IT4Dogs November 6, 2020

To all pedigree dog breeders

Dear sir / Madam,

In recent years, the Board of Directors has worked hard on the new IT4Dogs together with its suppliers. The start is now getting close.

The new IT4Dogs is scheduled to go live on Tuesday December 1, 2020.

Migration period November 23, 2020 - December 1, 2020

For the go-live on December 1, there will be a migration period from Monday, November 23, during this migration period, the old Darwin system will be shut down and all data will be converted to the new IT4Dogs system.

In the period from November 23rd to December 1st. no services are handled by the agency. So no processing of breeding and birth registrations, no import processing of dogs, no DNA profiles, no results of health tests, etc. The chippers just schedule the appointments with the breeders during this period for chipping the nests and DNA collection.

The breeders cannot submit online breeding and birth declarations in the period between November 23 and December 1. Paper declarations will only be processed after 1 December.
After the migration period, so from December 1, the breeders can submit their breeding and birth declarations directly online via the new Mijn-RvB.

We do not expect services to be significantly delayed due to the migration period. The family tree registration, the input of health screenings, etc. will be processed as soon as possible after the migration period.

New accounts for breeders from December 1st

New accounts will be created for all breeders who now have an account on the website. In the new accounts, all data from the current system is taken over with the exception of the invoices. We advise breeders who need these invoices for their administration (business, tax, etc.) to download them from their current online account before going live.

Administration costs declaration 'too late'

The migration period ensures that breeders cannot register breeding and birth during that period. It also causes the office to postpone the initial processing of declarations. That is why we are flexible with the current rules for declaration periods. The breeding declarations and birth declarations that are submitted by the breeders until January 1, 2021 and that according to the regulations would be 'overdue' will be processed without the usual additional administrative costs.

Supplement to the Basic Regulations for Welfare Health BWG-inbreeding half-brother

From 1 December 2020, the rule of the Basic Welfare & Health Regulations (BWG) on inbreeding half-brother, approved by the General Meeting, will come into effect. This rule indicates that from December 1, 2020, it is prohibited to breed with a half-brother of the intended mother dog. This means that from December 1, 2020 at the inspection, if the stud declaration does not comply with this BWG rule, no pedigrees will be issued for the puppies.

KR Article VIII.2 (as of December 1, 2020)
A bitch should not be mated to her grandfather, her father, her brother, her half-brother, her son or her grandson.

Standards matrix

The purpose of the standards matrix is ​​to help breeders with the health and welfare requirements that apply to their breed. The Raad van Beheer has rules for breeding pedigree dogs. These rules are an addition to the general rules of the government. These rules from the Basic Welfare & Health Regulations (BWG) apply to all breeds. The standards matrix is ​​an addition to these generally applicable rules and is tailored for each variety.

To this end, a large number of breed clubs have indicated which health tests are important for their breed. These varieties with their studies have been included in the standards matrix after checking. In addition to health examinations, there are sometimes also stricter requirements for the welfare of the parent dogs or rules to limit inbreeding and kinship even further.

Standards matrix per variety - start with 100 varieties

With the launch of IT4Dogs, we start with more than a hundred varieties / varieties in the standards matrix. The rules for these breeds have been coordinated with the breed clubs and built into IT4Dogs. The other varieties will follow with subsequent updates of the standards matrix in 2021.

Breeds that do not yet have a completed standards matrix at the launch of IT4Dogs can already benefit from the administration of health surveys. For years it was only possible to register HD, ED, CD, eyes and (a little later) also patellar luxation. Now there are the many (breed-specific) DNA tests, but also the aforementioned heart examination, back abnormalities, OCD, and so on.

More information about the standards matrix, an overview of the 100 varieties and the applicable standards per variety can be found at

Control of standards matrix from January 15, 2021

We do not immediately check on the standards matrix from the start on December 1, 2020. This gives breeders the opportunity to conduct research or tests and add the results to the system.

We will check the breeding declarations with mating date from January 15, 2021 against the varieties that have been set and issue the pedigrees with the mention 'satisfies / does not meet'. It is not possible to adjust family trees later, even if the combination would meet the standards.

Note: The following applies to all breeds: not complying with the BWG rules inbreeding does not mean pedigrees!

Matrix of standards and disciplinary law

Since July 1, 2020, a new disciplinary law has also been in force. It states that violation of the VFR is prohibited for breeders affiliated to the breed club. The introduction of the standards matrix means that it is only partially possible to check whether (part of) the VFR is being met. Not all varieties and not all parts of a VFR have been included in the standards matrix from the start. It is clear, however, that if the standards matrix is ​​not met, the VFR is also not met.

However, the disciplinary control by the Board of Directors will only start actively when all actively bred varieties in the Netherlands have been regulated in the standards matrix. This means that until then only violations that are reported to the Board of Directors will be submitted to the disciplinary committee.

Violations of the rules of the BWG are, as usual, submitted by the Board of Directors to the disciplinary committee.

Family tree new style

After many years, the Dutch family tree has been given a new and more practical look that matches the house style of the Raad van Beheer. It will have a clearer layout (landscape) and will no longer be laminated, but printed on special Nevertear paper (tear-proof and water-resistant).

On the new pedigree, a green tick or a red cross indicates that a dog does or does not meet the health requirements in the standards matrix. The same format is used for dogs that are included in the Appendix or the Provisional Register (VR).

Results of health surveys and titles are no longer shown on the family tree, but in a separate document attached to the family tree. This document is editable and you can download it yourself. It can be downloaded from the profile page of the relevant dog in the new system. This shows the results of all dogs (including the ancestors). This makes it possible to display and view many more results from a dog. There was hardly any room for this on the old family tree.

For more information about the pedigree and the entries, see

Import requests: faster and preferably after December 1, 2020

The procedure for registering import dogs is changing, making the application and processing faster than in the old system. The big difference is that the pedigree of the import dog no longer needs to be sent. In the new system, a legible copy / photo of the foreign family tree can be uploaded with the application. The field employee then checks the family tree on location and stamps it during the visit.

We ask owners and breeders who intend to import dogs to wait a while with the application for registration in the NHSB until immediately after December 1.The application can then be made through the new system and will probably be processed faster than an application that is submitted in the meantime in the current system.

Mating and birth declarations online instead of on paper

One of the advantages of the new system is that from now on all mating and birth registrations can be made digitally. So also all declarations of permitted outcross and variety crossings .

If you, as a breeder, still have a breeding declaration on paper in the current system, you can simply file the corresponding birth declaration digitally in the new system. It's that easy.

Although it is still possible to register mating and birth on paper, we request the breeders to do everything online. That will take some getting used to for some breeders. Ultimately, this ensures a better, more efficient and faster registration with fewer errors. In addition, you can also add all examinations of your dogs, do the standards matrix check and you will receive a notification if you violate the BWG rules. So there is no longer any reason not to use IT4Dogs.

Double cover / double cover with 2 males

Double mating or double mating occurs when a bitch is mated by two different males during her heat. She may also be inseminated with sperm from two different male dogs. The possibility to do this has already been approved by the AV and regulated in the KR. From December 1, 2020 it is possible for a second the show to male.

Additional costs apply for this, for example in connection with extra DNA control.

KR III.21 (as of December 1, 2020)

The owner of a bitch may state with the breeding declaration referred to in paragraph 1 that his bitch has been mated by one extra male. The information mentioned in paragraph 2 of this second male must be stated.


  • From now until December 1, 2020

Import of dogs: advice to owners to wait with the import requests for a dog until IT4Dogs goes live if possible. So if registration of the import dog is not necessary in the short term, then preferably from December 1 via IT4Dogs.

  • From now until Monday, November 23, 2020

Bureau Raad van Beheer: Latest adjustments and testing system by bureau and supplier VX Company.

  • Sunday November 22, 2020 until 11:59 pm

Breeders' breeding and birth declaration: last entry option for breeding and birth declarations online by breeders until 11:59 PM on Sunday night. Breeders can no longer report online from midnight on Monday.

  • Monday evening 23 November 2020

HD / ED review panel: Latest HD / ED panel reviews . These are still included and processed. No HD / ED assessments will be done on Monday November 30. These will start again on Monday 7 December

  • Monday, November 23, 2020

Bureau Raad van Beheer / VX Company : Old system is shut down. Migration is started. The data is retrieved from the old system. The data is then read into the new system. Random checks are used to check whether the data has ended up in the right place in the new system. The links with the various applications are also checked. All data is checked in the applications.

  • December 1, 2020 IT4Dogs goes live

Breeders: New accounts will be created for all breeders who now have an account on the website. They can set a new password for the account via the 'forgot password' button. After setting up the new account, the breeders can directly enter stud and birth declarations in the new system online.
Dog owners: Any pedigree dog owner can request an account for the new system to view their dog's data.
Breeders / owners: All requests for services from the Raad van Beheer will be processed from December 1, 2020 via IT4Dogs.

  • January 15, 2021

Control standards matrix for 100 varieties becomes active
Breeders: For breeding with a mating date from January 15, 2021, the standards will come into effect for these 100 breeds.

Report form for tips & complaints & wishes

We are very proud of the new system. Certainly in the initial period, it will take some getting used to for both users and the employees of the agency and we will run into issues. This is inevitable with a new IT system of this size and complexity.

We also realize that we are not ready yet. Applications still need to be developed further and there will certainly be things that can be better, clearer or more efficient. We will also continue to work on this in the coming period.

You can help us with that. If you have any tips, complaints or wishes, please report this to us. We have a special report form on our website for this from 1 December.

More information about IT4Dogs can be found at

More information about the standards matrix can be found at

We thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation and hope that you will enjoy using IT4Dogs from December 1st.

Kind regards, Rony Doedijns


Potential puppy buyer, can we have your attention?


Demand for dogs has increased significantly during the corona crisis. People yearn for company and want to go outside in good weather. Taking a dog now seems logical. After the animal shelters previously indicated that considerably more people want to adopt a dog, the Raad van Beheer has also seen a sharp increase in visits to its website in recent weeks.

Rony Doedijns, director of the Raad van Beheer: "The demand for puppies is enormous and clearly much more than normal during this period. While with the responsible and careful breeder we notice that there is more reluctance to breed a litter. So there is extra demand and from our less supply of carefully bred and socialized puppies. "People are looking more for puppies and more often click through to the dog breed of their choice. Breed clubs have information points for puppies working overtime. Some breeders are called flat.

Think carefully
Dog Protection calls on people to think extra carefully about the choice at this time. A dog not only brings a lot, it also asks (and earns!) A lot. That is why the organization offers various options to help people make the right choice. A choice that is in the interest of both the animal and the potential dog owner himself. Choose with your mind, not your heart, is their motto. And if you have thought carefully, choose responsibly and find a responsible breeder, who does not always have a puppy "in stock". Be wary of addresses where you can always go for a puppy. And according to the Dog Protection you can always choose a replacement dog.

And after the crisis ...
The organizations also warn that there is also a life after the crisis. Now everyone is still at home a lot, but what if we are immediately back to work, to school, study or sports? Is there still enough time for the dog? Choosing a dog now can be a good idea, but not only choose with your heart, but also choose with your head. Prevent the purchase of a puppy from becoming a disappointment, with all consequences for humans and animals.

Source: Raadar April 2020